Designing Structures for Shade (Workshop Cancelled) ArcInTex International Network Meeting (Spring 2019)

Workshop 4

Designing Structures for Shade (Workshop Cancelled)

    April 12, 2019 - April 13, 2019

Photo by Glen Raven

Glen Raven Asia is a subsidiary of Glen Raven Inc. in Suzhou SIP, China and is the sole production unit of customer fabrics in Asia. The company is specialized in producing and selling a variety of high-end fabrics, such as Sunbrella and Dickson fabrics, which are used in a variety of applications including outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, boat covers, convertible automobile tops, marine and awnings. During this workshop participants will be able to engage with experts in the company to understand the manufacturing, testing and marketing processes of fabrics of Glen Raven. Moreover, they will be able to have hands-on experience with samples of the fabrics using the machines and facilities at the labs of the university. The idea will be to explore the topic of “shade”, in the widest meaning of the word, by developing new designs (such as architectural structures, products, materials or prints) that could be used for shade on all scales.